Ask Better Questions by Linda Drosdowech

Our brain is the most powerful tool we have working for ourselves. It will work diligently to solve whatever problem, task, or question we give it. So the questions we ask of our selves; of our brain, on a daily basis are very important.

If we constantly feed it dead end questions: What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get it together? Why did they do that to me?  We will spend our precious brain energy searching for answers that keep us stuck in the negative.

 To serve your life better, try asking your brain better questions:   

            How can I add value to the world today?

            What’s the good news?

            What is going great in my life?

            How can I make work life more fun?

            How can I stay fit and have fun?

            How can I be an example of what is possible?

            How can I make myself a priority so I have more time to give others?

            How can I be a good role model?

            How will I make today better than yesterday?

            How can I make my future more exciting than my past?

            What do I love about myself today?

Start the day asking your brain a great question and enjoy the optimistic, positive results. The answers we have within ourselves are an empowering source of wisdom.

*  Inspired by Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School Podcast




Linda Drosdowech