Three Tasks, An Ask, and A Whole Lot of Feelings

It’s the Autumn of Ambition!


We’re in the last quarter of 2019.  You still have lots of time to create one major accomplishment before the end of the year. What’s it going to be?


What have you promised yourself you’d do this year, but you’ve put off and talked yourself out of doing? Still don’t know your goal? Try this:


Picture yourself celebrating on December 31. It’s cold outside, but you’re on fire because you completed your goal. You’re toasting with a loved one.  You say: “Wow! That was so much work, but I’m so proud I put in the hard work to __________________.”


Bam! That’s your goal. 


Now let’s make a plan. 


It’s going to take commitment, hard work and focus, but it will get done with:


Three tasks, An Ask, and a Whole Lot of Feelings.


For example: My goal is to create and start marketing my online course this quarter. On Fridays, I’m going to work at the new co-working space in Winnipeg called Tablespace. I’m going to accomplish three concrete tasks such as a rough draft for a Lead Magnet, Outline for Module One; Lesson Two, and a content marketing schedule. I’m also going to make an ask: a pitch to be on a podcast, or to speak at a workshop, or to write a guest post for a website. Three Tasks and an Ask. 


Now for the feelings: I’m going to make mistakes and feel frustrated. I’m going to be tired and feel discouraged. I’m going to get it wrong and feel embarrassed. I’m going to fail and feel embarrassed.


I’m also quite likely going to feel overwhelmed, exposed, awkward, worried, doubtful, stressed, and possibly even humiliated and ashamed. Fun. 


Why would I put myself through that, you ask?  Because I believe that when I achieve that goal I’ll be closer to my purpose of helping more women like you achieve yourgoals and grow your amazing businesses and lives!


Your goal is on the other sideof difficult feelings. You’ve got to learn to sit with uncomfortable feelings – to not push them away or think something has gone horribly wrong just because you’re feeling them. You’ve got to be able to process negative emotions. Here’s how:




Notice the sensation in your body. 


Name it.“Oh. That queasiness in my stomach is my fear of getting it wrong.” 


Sit with it.Nothing has gone wrong. I repeat. Nothing has gone wrong. 


Let it go.Most feelings only last about a minute and a half.  It’s the stories we attach: “I’ll never accomplish anything. I always give up too soon,” that make feelings endure endlessly. 


It’s New Year’s Eve. 


You did it! 


You’re toasting yourself for your perseverance and determination. You’ve done your tasks, made your asks and felt your damn feelings. Pop the champagne!! 



Linda Drosdowech

Word Sense Studio


If you’re still uncertain about your goal and how to make it happen, email me linda@wordsensestudio.comand we can schedule a consult call. I can help you with the daily practices, mindset shifts and goal setting to help you do what you’ve always dreamed of doing. 





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