What Hipsters and Life Coaches Have in Common

“Life Coaches have something in common with Hipsters. No one wants to cop to being one”.


-      Rosie J. Spinks


It took me a year to cop to being a Life Coach.


In 2018, I started my writing business: Word Sense Studio (named in part because I loved making sense of life through words). I wrote articles, edited manuscripts, and began public speaking training to help women use their voices and speak up. 


(Pssst…I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: It’s hard to make a living from writing. I know that may come as a shock, but it’s really not a get rich quick scheme! FYI).


Even though I pushed myself daily to pitch articles and workshops, I was discouraged by the slow growth. 


Seeking encouragement I listened to podcasts by Life Coaches like Kara Lowentheil, Susan Hyatt and Brooke Castillo. They spoke about perfectionism, people pleasing and self-sabotage - everything that holds women back. Bingo.


They were speaking my language. I have always gravitated toward self-help books and writings. I find them (shocker) helpful! 


I was already passionately educating women in my articles and speeches on building their confidence to public speak, network and show up authentically online, so I began to market myself as a Public Speaking Coach…Confidence Coach…Public Speaking Confidence Coach.


I didn’t have the confidence (I know, I know) to market myself as simply a Life Coach. It seemed audacious. Who was I to suggest that I could help other women with their lives? 


I hired a Branding Coach for my business and things really came together. 


I knew I wanted to work specifically with other Canadian women in mid life who are starting small businesses (and who laugh at my jokes) to stop self-sabotaging their own efforts to reach their goals and grow their businesses. 


I want them to learn what I am learning: How to take risks, how to put yourself out there and handle rejection, how to ask for what you want, how to keep going when you want to give up and most importantly, how even a little encouragement from a coach can make you feel (as one client recently said) “like I won the lottery”.


And turns out I do have the audaciousness to hang my hat as a Life Coach (I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to capitalize the profession or not, but since it is a fairly new field ungoverned by regulations, I figured why not?).


I love Life Coaching!! I could talk about this shit all day long. Plus I am great at listening, challenging someone with their blocks, and believe profoundly in fostering community and support amongst women. And who knows, by the time the branding process is done, I may even go further out on a limb as a Business Coach!!


I have lived a life where self-doubt held me back, and have found the tools to set me free. And I want to share. I want all of us to build our businesses, achieve our goals and step into being the women we always knew we could be. 


Linda Drosdowech