The Power of Using An Alter Ego For Your Business

Beyonce, the Queen B herself who brilliantly radiates confidence, used to call upon her Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce, when she needed an extra boost of courage on the stage. 


Let’s take that in. 


Beyonce needed extra courage. 


If after all the coaching, training and confidence building, you still can’t stand on the stage, make the ask, submit the pitch, press publish, express your opinion, post a selfie, or take a video, take heart. 


When Beyonce needed extra courage she found a tool to drive her success. 


An Alter Ego is an alternative version of our self who is braver, bolder and Baddass. When we don’t have the guts to ask for what we want, our Alter Ego thinks nothing of waltzing into the meeting and confidently making her demands. 


Being a small business owner, we are often the face of our brand. We need to be seen on camera. We need to public speak. We need to sell and make offers to our clients. This can feel impossibly hard for a lot of us who are timid, or even scared to death of being criticized and judged. 


An Alter Ego can be created to be the look and presentation style of your brand. She can be the one who increases audience engagement, pushes you to phone the prospective client and to create a video for Instagram Live. She is the one who goes forth and shines in the public eye.


“But, Linda, shouldn’t I be comfortable just being authentically myself?” 


Yes. I always support showing up as your authentic self when it comes to your brand. Be vulnerable, take chances and tell your stories. But what if your real self is a quivering, anxious mess, procrastinating and holding you back from catapulting your business into the world? 


If it’s good for Beyonce…


Why not create your own Alter Ego? 


I have two. 


I call on The Joy Witch when I need magic, creativity and positivity. She is funny, joyful and trusts her intuition and instincts. She wears a unicorn pendant, is in touch with her desires and delights in the world around her. She helps me stay true to my heart and purpose. 


I call on The Woman in Yellow Dress when I need to feel bold, confident and worldly. She is feminine and strong. She bought herself a gold ring that twines around her middle finger with a large crystal that catches the light when she flips someone off. Her song playing in the car is “Hey Look Ma I Made It”. 


Creating Your Alter Ego:


1. Grab a cheap notebook. I don’t like the fancy ones you buy for $25 and only write in with calligraphy when you have a profound insight.


2. Write freely for twenty minutes while answering the following questions and watch your character come to life. 




What does she wear?

What’s her hair like?

How does she adorn herself? 

What transportation does she use?

What song does she sing along to while she drives?

What’s her favorite quote?

Where does she like to travel?

What does she eat to fuel herself up?

What does she eat for pleasure?

What’s her morning routine like? 

Does she get manicures and regular massages?

Does she love nature? Big cities?

How does she carry and move her body?

How does she deal with setbacks and disappointment?

How does she celebrate? 

What does she do for pleasure? 

What is her name?


Note: This is a powerful practice for the imagination. You can draw on the qualities you admire in other people like your neighbor who leaves the house at 7 with her yoga mat in tow. Or a celebrity who is always audaciously herself.  Have fun with this. Being in business is not always a grind. It can be also be filled with lighthearted creativity. 




Now that you know her qualities:


What are her goals for the next three months?  

How will she focus her energy? 

What offers is she making to the world? 

What is she going after? 

What is her purpose? 


When you are stalling and don’t have the energy to make the next move on your business. Ask what would your Alter Ego do? And do it. 


 Linda Drosdowech

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