I’m a Failure: Oh right, I’m an Entrepreneur

Fail fast.


This is the new action call to business owners. Fail fast. Put out offers. Don’t waste time perfecting. It’s all information gathering. 


This makes my head spin. 


As you know from last week’s blog post on being a recovering perfectionist, I can barely wrap my head around this concept of failure. 


But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense, and the more I’m willing to try…try to fail, that is. 


And I challenge you to fail as well. 


How about we make three really juicy failures happen this week? 


1) Phone someone and offer your service. 


2) Pitch yourself as a podcast guest to your favorite podcaster. 


3) Use the Questions feature on your Instagram Stories.


What’s the worst that can happen? I will tell you as they already happened to me:


1) They said “no, not right now”


2) No


3) Cue Crickets chirping


I handled it. And you will handle it too. 


As an entrepreneur everything is one big experiment (Which I guess makes my local Starbucks the lab?) but first you have to lose your “I’m a good student who gets straight A’s, makes my parents happy, and makes homemade cupcakes” mindset. This mindset does not care for the messy, experimental, fail and try again way of life that is needed to start and grow a business. 


Your head spinning yet?


When we try so hard to avoid hearing “no” or “you’re not doing it right” or even no response, we are trying to avoid the feelings we imagine we will feel: shame, disappointment, humiliation. 


Part of running a successful entrepreneurial venture is being able to manage feeling these feelings and getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. 


Yes, it stings. Yes, my face flushes. Yes, I get that squirrelly pit in my stomach. But it doesn’t stop me. 


I gather the information: I’ll refine my coaching offer, craft a podcast speaker media kid, figure out the stupid Questions button. Seriously why can’t I get mine to work?


Taking action is hard and there will be times when you feel those very human, very yucky feelings. 


But everything we want is on the other side of a feeling…


So fail fast. 

Make really juicy face planting fails. 


And then post them like my nephew proudly posts his epic skateboard fails. Wear them like a badge of honor because this is what confidence is.  It is the courage and willingness to fail publicly. 


Fail fast. 

Fail hard. 

And brag about it. 


If you need help learning how to fail fast to ultimately grow the business of your dreams, send me an email at linda@wordsensestudio.com


Linda Drosdowech


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