Dance Your Ass Off

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” 

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  Author of Life’s Little Instruction Book


Many of us hope that opportunity will find us if we are just patient and good and organized enough. What I’m learning is opportunity is much more likely to find me if I’m already bumping and grinding on the dance floor – shaking it up and making things happen. 


If YOU want help getting off your ass and getting down with destiny, here are my answers to the TOP TEN EXCUSES holding you and your business back. 


I don’t feel like dancing. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Work whether your feel like it or not. Decide on the amount of time you’ll work and what you’ll produce during that time AND DO IT. Coaches Kara Lowentheil and Brooke Castillo taught me that building trust in your self is the ultimate business strategy. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. If it’s on the calendar, it’s as good as done. 


I don’t have anyone to dance with. Find your community. They are out there, I promise. Go to networking events. Reach out to the friend of a friend who has a business. Join Facebook groups. Buy group online courses. Last spring I craved being part of a mastermind group of women business owners, so when I kept meeting coaches at different events, I made it happen. It was as simple as saying: “Want to come to this coffee shop next week at 9?”  


The last time I danced I fell and skinned my knee.Admitting to failures, missteps and mistakes is hard, but it’s part of business and being an entrepreneur, and of course being human! I find the more I’m able to admit to my own roadblocks, anxiety and self-doubt, the more I’m able to find ways to blast through them. And if I fall, I get back up, laugh it off or get a bandaid, and keep dancing. 


I don’t have the right outfit.So many of us put off applying for things because we aren’t perfectly turned out with the right outfit, the right photo shoot, and the perfectly designed website. I’m excited to be re-branding right now, and am going to be doing all of those things, but it has not stopped me from sending out pitches and proposals and posting images on Instagram right now. Don’t wait to be perfect. Do it now. Do it now. 


I’m too old.Ha! Not buying that one at all. I’m reminded of my dad who when he passed away at 87 still had his business going, and would walk on his treadmill every day blasting ABBA’s Dancing Queen. (On cassette!)


I’m tired.Movement and exercise give us energy. So does pushing through a foggy morning when nothing comes easily to produce the thing you’re procrastinating on. It’s the best feeling when you and the sun break through. 


My shoes hurt.Get comfortable being uncomfortable, or kick the damn shoes off. 


I don’t recognize the song.Get on the dance floor anyway. Today’s pop music is incredibly empowering for women. “Comparing all the girls who are killing it, but we figured it out, we all know now we all got crowns.” Or ask the DJ to play one of your favorites and sing along loud and proud. Surely there is someone else in the crowd who wants to hear: My Sharona?!


Everyone will stare.Let ‘em stare. Get comfortable making a scene. You are allowed to take up space. Be seen. Be heard. Fill your feed with images of people all shapes, sizes, colors, genders who are showing up in all their glory, taking risks and paving the way for the underrepresented to be seen and heard. It’s an exciting time. Don’t let that voice that says: “People will think I’m full of myself” stop you. That voice is simply trying to protect you from feeling rejection. But you, my dear, are able to handle feeling ANYTHING. Everything you want is on the other side of a feeling. 


I don’t know the new dance steps.Sometimes we procrastinate because we don’t know how to do something. You can hire someone or take a course from an expert. Just don’t get in the “I’m not good enough” habit and endlessly look for outside help. Pick one or two teachers, try some new steps and trust yourself. You can practice your new moves in your basement first. As Marie Forleo says: “Everything is figureoutable”. 


Twirling, stumbling, laughing, changing dance partners, dancing with a group, slow dancing, line dancing, jumping up and down. The important thing is to put you and your talents out there. It’s time to boogie!!


See you on the dance floor!


Linda Drosdowech


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