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To market your business in 2019 you’re expected to produce a vast array of content: Instagram posts, Facebook Lives, Linked In articles. Yeesh. It can be very overwhelming. 


However, I happen to love the free form creativity of social media, so I decided several months ago I’d commit to write and publish a blog every Thursday. I was determined to share my unique story and voice, and I haven’t dropped the ball yet!! 


I love putting my original writing out into the stratosphere. I get to teach how I see the world, offer new ways to think about life, and help people solve problems. Impacting someone’s life through writing is the best feeling I know, but it can still be a drag to get it out the door.


I have come up with a system to produce my blog rather than my original (some would say weak) plan of staring at the computer blankly Wednesday night. 


SUNDAY On Sunday mornings while my teens sleep their lives away, I sit with my green tea on the couch and leaf through my notebooks, journals and books. I look through my phone too where I store pictures of all the witty things you clever people post throughout the week. I surround myself with words and slips of knowledge. It’s unstructured and I let ideas and knowledge wrestle and play around in my brain for the morning. Heaven. On. Earth. 


MONDAY I decide on a topic from two or three that caught my attention, and open a document to jot down a few notes. This usually takes twenty minutes. 


TUESDAY I write a rough draft. I let myself go and don’t edit or censor for about half an hour. This is the most fun part of the process. Just me winging it, and lying to myself that the writing is so smart I won’t have to do a good copy tomorrow. 


WEDNESDAY I write the good copy. I give myself two hours and then call it good enough otherwise this perfectionist twit will pick at it forever trying to “get it right”.


THURSDAY I publish the blog on my website and then post on FB, Instagram and Linked in. It usually takes thirty minutes. 


The part I’ve left out mentioning is choosing the graphics to go with the blog and formatting it. I hate doing this part as it is not my area of expertise, and I have decided to hire someone else to do this starting next week. Clever me. 


Note: Just because I’m publishing a blog does not mean it’s being widely read. Yet. It takes times to gain traction. I encourage you though if you are hesitating about starting a blog to just get started. Your voice and message will develop along the way. Put your heart and soul into it, and do not care if anyone reads it at first. They will. You’re brilliant. 


Linda Drosdowech

Word Sense Studio


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